Wednesday, August 31, 2011

color and parking jobs

I had an interview with OrangeSoda yesterday, which went really well I think. I'm still waiting (and hoping) to hear good news from Edelman but I'll let you know if anything big happens. Anyway…I wore a theme of black and gold to the interview which included my Nixon Duchess watch and gold J.Crew heels.

I got to the interview about a half an hour early so I stopped to put gas in the Suburban. As I pulled into the gas station I quickly backed the Suburban into position without thinking about it until I realized I was being watched by a group of search and rescue guys AND a group of construction workers. Apparently the power heels made my parking job even more impressive. Maybe I'll have to force my kids to daily back a suburban into impossibly small places, even if we don't have a one-car garage. Haha.


Friday, August 26, 2011

Let's get this rolling

In honor of our first official post, I will start with our favorite: Thrift store finds.

I just got back from the dry cleaners. Picked up my DI find: wool Banana Republic dress with it's original ($170.00) tags. I paid $4.

I think this calls for a "Oh, hell yeah!"

What do you think? (excuse the weird face. I was using my phone with timer and blahblahblah this is what I got.) I'm thinking winter parties.